Conception et réalisation lumières
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With wysiwyg being the basis of my work, I can prepare plots and pre-program shows.
The software is divided in two parts, first, 3D drawing , is used to design the sets, the fixtures location and edit plots that will be necessary for installation. The second part is to program the show from a DMX console with a real time display on the PC screen.
The software also allows at any time to get a photo rendering of the look, which is a major point to sell a project.
The wysiwyg allows a large number of economies including the costs of venue rental, materials, and workmanship, while providing the opportunity to retain and even improve the quality of shows.
There are several version, complete version (Perform), a version without connection to a console, which lets you design and print plots (Design), a basic version in 2D (Paperwork).
There is a free viewer to open wysiwyg plots.
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